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Common Spinal Injuries from Car Accidents


Whiplash is the most common injury sustained in automobile accidents.  Whiplash occurs when the victim’s body rapidly moves with the force of impact and the head lags behind and then “whips” back towards the body. The soft tissue and bones of the neck and upper back can be over stressed causing sprains, strains, tears or other injuries.  Due to the complexity of the neck, whiplash injuries can be very complicated.  Some common signs of whiplash are neck stiffness, headaches,  loss of range of motion, difficulty swallowing and neck pain.  

Disc Injury / Herniation

Disc injuries can occur in even low speed auto accidents.  The discs are cushions made of cartilage and fibrous material that are between the bones in your spine.  The spinal discs absorb shock, allow movement and maintain a space for your spinal nerves to exit the spinal canal.  If a disc in your spine is injured all of these functions can be effected. Discs can be injured by rotation, compression or, like whiplash, rapid flexion and extension.  When a disc is injured it can herniate or bulge putting pressure on adjacent tissue and nerves.  Signs of a disc injury can be similar to whiplash but often include radiating symptoms such as pain and/or numbness into the arms or legs.

There are many different treatments for disc injuries.  A magnetic resonance imaging study (MRI) will show your doctor exactly what they are dealing with.  Most doctors will recommend the most conservative treatment that is appropriate for your injury.  Chiropractic care and some types of traction are very effective, non-invasive, treatment modalities for disc injuries.  Prescription pain killers and muscle relaxants are frequently used to help with the initial pain of a disc injury.  In some cases when a disc injury is particularly unstable, or does not improve with conservative care, epidural injections or surgery may be recommended.

Some lesions that may  injuries affect the cervical spine following a whiplash.  A: articular pillar fracture. B: hemoarthrosis of the zygapophysial joint. C: rupture or tear of the zygapophysial joint capsule. D: Fracture of the subchondral plate. E: contusion of the intra-articular meniscus of the zygapophysial joint. F: fracture of the articular surface. G: tear of the annulus fibroses of the intervetebral disc.  H: tear of the anterior longitudinal ligament.  I: endplate avulsion/fracture. J: vertebral body fracture.

Chiropractic and Massage may be able to help you recover from your injuries and also reduce the long term effects of many types of injuries.

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